Tuesday, March 09, 2021


If you are thinking that finishing the writing for your paper will make it look perfect, then it is not exactly the same. As there is still a thing left that you need to work on i.e., a title page for research paper. Well, if I tell you then it is something very crucial that require you to work on. Although it is a very long process but will undoubtedly help you a lot in increasing your grades and touch them to the sky. For this, all you have to consider the featuring styles made mandatory by your professor. Below I have jotted down some of the ways to make a perfect title page for the research paper with the styles like APA and MLA. Have a look.

  1. Key essential – do not forget to double space your entire paper and thus highlight your heading and name with double line Spacing or say an empty line.
  2. Font – in this you have to check the margins by setting it in 1 inch, and for better layout, you can use times new roman font of your word here.
  3. Heading- tries making it a bit precise by avoiding abbreviations and other extra words. Do capitalize the words which you think are important. Let me tell you heading is something which tells about the entire content to the reader.
  4. Name- this is placed actually under the heading or title part. Thus, type your full name in this but do not mention the names of the people who helped you in this also ask about form how to write my essay today . If in case, you are having someone who has done the project with you then here you can use any kind of abbreviation just to separate you and your colleague’s name.
  5. Place of your study – in dictating the name of your college or school or university is also important. If you and your colleague is having different university, then write this in the brackets of your name only. This way, you will be able to mention both students university separately.
  6. Header- it should be in the capital letters on the front of the page and thus in the continuous format.

Now make the best title page for research paper with the help of the ways mentioned below and attract the readers towards it. Do not forget to read other examples, as well.

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